Friday, January 23, 2015

A Musical Birthday Weekend

Didi came up to Ohio last weekend and we had a great time!!! It was Didi’s birthday and we celebrated all weekend! 

Kaitlin was excited to celebrate with some yummy cake! 

IMG 8062

Friday we had birthday brunch after we picked Kaitlin up from school! 

IMG 8063

 Didi babysat Friday night for us to get a dinner away at J Gilberts 

IMG 4862

Saturday we went and saw a friend in The Wizard of Oz! It was Kaitlin's first musical and it was so fun to see her joy and excitement! She loved every second of the show! We watched the movie earlier in the week and she knew all the songs! It was such a fun afternoon!

IMG 8070

Kaitlin and Didi did sock puppets and Didi helped us with our rainbow loom!! 

IMG 8067

Didi and I headed to downtown to Cap City and then to see the musical Newsies!! 

IMG 8073

Two musicals in one day!!! We had amazing seats and the Ohio Theatre is amazing! 

IMG 8075

IMG 8074

The musical was amazing!!! i had high expectations of loving it and it surpassed them! The entire show was amazing! It was a acton packed weekend! Happy Birthday Didi!!! 

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