Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stars and star student

Kaitlin has been in swim lessons this spring and summer!!! She is loving every second and we are so amazed at the swim school! It has been a wonderful experience! Kaitlin was a star student for July! Her sweet teacher gushed and gushed over Kailtin about her encouraging other students and her sweet spirit! 
We did swim camp last week and Kaitlin went everyday to swim! And she moved up a level! She is so proud! They love to give ribbons and Kaitlin's new love language may be ribbons!! 
This week was an outta this world fun at Cosmic City Vacation Bible School
Her favorite thing everyday was arts and crafts! She also had her first moon pie this week and loved it!! 
She learned so much about Jesus this week and we are so thankful! 

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