Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First day of school

Colin had his first day of school Monday
This was all of his supplies he needed!! He is going to have a wonderful year!!
Ready for a great year
Colin was over pictures

He did great and went right in his class! 
These are all of Colin's first day of school pictures! Can't believe how big he has gotten!
He was so tired and slept great!!! 

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  1. Really enjoy your blog *(if you get this twice, I wasn't sure how to sign in w/ google)..I have been reading it since Kaitlin was very small and I have enjoyed watching she and Colin grow into the kiddos they are today. You have been being in more pix too and I like that as well. WE always see Kory and Kaitlin , but its nice seeing you too!!! Keep up the good work. Your children are adorable and I enjoy reading your blog. Sincerely Glinda Majors (