Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snow, books and movie night

We have had a busy few weeks around here! We were blessed with a snow day (the first one of the year)! 

Kory was gone and a neighbor helped me shovel our driveway! 
It was so warm the next weekend we had a marathon day of playing outside!

No one wanted the fun to end when it got dark so we had an impromptu pizza and pjs movie night in our basement! All the kids played in the basement and all the adults talked upstairs!
Both kids are growing like crazy! Time is just going faster and faster!!
Kaitlin published her book at school! She got to read it to her entire class and even had a question and answer session of the book reading!

 Family movie night watching the good dinosaur 
We had dinner out after a busy day of cheer and birthday parties! Fun being out and about! 

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