Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Month Update

Kaitlin has been very busy this month trying new foods and exploring the world around her. She is crawling and walking very quickly these days! Kaitlin is fearless and is learning the art of falling and catching herself. It makes our days very exciting and action-packed chasing after our curious girl.

IMG_3287IMG_3278 IMG_3302 IMG_3292 

Kaitlin was in her excersaucer yesterday playing away and looked at the picture of a duck and then said “DUCK!!!”! Kory and I were SO amazed!! It is the little things that are so special seeing your child grow up right before your eyes. We are able to communicate more and more with her and it seems we’re beginning to understand each other.


We’ve been experiencing a “heat wave” in Central Virginia recently.  Its been in 50+ and sunny over the past week which has been nice aversion from the 28” of snow we received in December.  Kaitlin & I have been strolling around the neighborhood lately which has been so much fun & such a blessing to be able play outside again!  She’s not so much a fan of the panda hat as you can see below I got an action picture of her tossing it to the floor!  Roses, pandas, AOP!!!

IMG_3243IMG_3240  IMG_3244


  1. Duck! I said it too.

    Seriously, it looks like she is warming up to the camera! Maybe that is because she is impersonating Dooley now!

  2. I think exersaucer is a made up word.