Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!! (Thanks Vols)

While Kory was burning up the road back & forth between Knoxville, Virginia, & Georgia over the holidays (he topped 1,800 miles on the Jeep Cherokee in 7 days), Kaitlin & I played at Gigi’s house in Knoxville!  It was a great with 2 extra set of hands & really felt like my own 2009 vacation.  We went shopping & bought Kaitlin’s first pair of shoes!!! 


IMG_3126 IMG_3130

Kaitlin also made her 2nd visit to Long’s Drug Store with Gigi & G’Daddy for lunch to visit her favorite waitress, Ruby!  Kaitlin was staring at everyone during lunch & Ruby decided that she was NOSEY & wanted to catch up on all the gossip … funny, that’s what Kory says about me!

IMG_3085  IMG_3087 (2)

Also, Kory & I were fortunate enough to spend our first night out together ALONE since March 25th.  We traveled to Atlanta on New Year’s Eve for the Chick-fil-A Bowl to watch the Vols play!  Kaitlin was a little sad she didn’t get to go but we had to remind her of the rules, “You can’t go to the game until you carry a 32 oz coke up 39 rows to your seat by yourself.” 

The ATL was BEAUTIFUL when we arrived (NOT).  Thankfully, the skies cleared by next morning.  We had a nice view from the 35th floor of the Westin at the Peachtree Center when the fog lifted.

IMG_3088 IMG_3117

Our friends proved that you can start good road trip stories with “Remember that time at Taco Mac” and thankfully, we didn’t receive a “yellow card” like others at the GA Dome.  We had a great time with friends but thanks to an inept 2nd half, the game was lousy.  The Vols tried to ruin our New Years Eve …

IMG_3114 … “It can’t get worse”

But having a night out to ourselves for the first time in 9 months was priceless!  Thanks again to Gigi & G’Daddy for taking care of Kaitlin!


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