Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cabin Fever

After all the snow and being stuck inside for multiple weekends we finally have been able to get out and about. We made a big trip to Cracker Barrel with Kaitlin and it was so nice to not be in our house.They did give Kaitlin crayons and her own coloring page. We may need a couple more months to get that fine motor skill for coloring.

 IMG_3386    IMG_3387

We still have snow packs on our street and our lawn is completely covered in snow. This is what is all  over the area!


Huge Snow mounds…. they are not going to melt any time soon.It is so wild to have so much snow. We are ready for spring!

This is a snapshot of what Kaitlin and I do all day. We walk and walk and walk. I know that she walks 5 miles a day. We also like to walk with multiple books. She is getting very speedy. It must be all the inspiration from the Olympics!

IMG_3382  IMG_3445IMG_3408

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