Thursday, June 10, 2010


BREAKING NEWS:  Kaitlin Grace has decided to  leave the Shinlever-3 and join the Pac-10!  She heard everyone else was going  there so she jumped on the bandwagon … they must have better snacks there!  She is  wearing a gators shirt  today, but I told her that during football season we would be calling them crocodiles. Kaitlin will understand soon enough!



Kaitlin Grace is very blessed to have her middle name. While driving to Knoxville for my baby shower in February 2009, my friend Ashley, Kory & I went thru millions of middle name combinations for about 5 hours. Kiffin was near the top of the list. (Kaitlin Kiffin did have a ring to it!) Ashley reminded me today of how thankful we are we did not go down that road. We would have been at City  Hall in January! Kaitlin Grace is the perfect name.

(Forced Editor’s Note:  Kory and his friend Will were adamantly against “Kiffin” as a middle name … maybe they knew something … hmmm …)

(P.S. – If you love college football & haven’t read Will’s blog at Rocky Top Talk yet, you really should.  It’s Kaitlin’s favorite blog and she’s got football fever in June! )


  1. This might be the best blog post ever!

  2. Should read, "during football season we will not be wearing that shirt."

  3. What Will said. Well,actually, she has plenty of clothes - just give that "croc" shirt away - really never an appropriate time to ever put it on.