Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip!

We left on Friday afternoon for the beach. Now since Arkansas is not exactly close to our destination of Florida, we decided to break it up into a 2 day drive.  It was all back roads as we drove through the flat farmland in Arkansas & the swamps & bayous of Louisiana. It was very hot, we saw lighting in the distance, and then it sounded like rain. We finally figured out that the sound of rain was actually the sound of bugs hitting our car. I wish I would have taken a picture of the car when we stopped for the night in Vicksburg, MS. We had a bug colored car. It was extremely disgusting!  So instead, I’ll post these pictures of Kaitlin (and Dug The Dog) being her Daddy’s “Travel Buddy”!

IMG00142-20100626-1451 IMG00140-20100626-1248 

We finally made it to Santa Rosa Beach on Saturday and were ready for fun in the sun!

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