Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making a sick day Fun!

Kaitlin is still on the mends from her nasty ear infection and started out the day kinda grumpy. I got us out of the house and drove us around for a couple hours. I think both of us were getting cabin fever. Poor thing just does not look like she feels good! After our driving adventure Kaitlin was in a much better mood!


Gigi sent us some Easter crafts and they saved the day! We decorated eggs all afternoon and we had a fun day even if we were under the weather!


I was very impressed she could peel the backing off the stickers and place the sticker on the egg! I thought it would be a joint effort but she wanted zero help from me!She might be crafty and we all know she did not get that trait from me!


Some of Kaitlin’s masterpieces! She was so proud!


After Lego time and marker time I would call the day a fun day!


Hoping that she feels much better tomorrow!

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