Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st day of school

I was a worried how Kaitlin would do today after a rough Open House experience!! She had a wonderful day and everyone at school raved about how great she did and made me feel so much better! There were some tears but overall she had an amazing day!IMG_9403

She walked right in to school this morning with her backpack on and carrying her lunchbox and walked right to her room like she had done it a million times!


Kaitlin ready to go with all her gear!


This is Kaitlin’s 1st year napping on a mat so I was convinced she would be running around the room when she was suppose to be napping. To my surprise, she had no problems laying on her mat still and quiet!! She did lose her bow during nap time and got very upset! Once they fixed her hair she settled back down and was back on her mat!


We are so thankful for a great 1st day of school!!!

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