Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school

Kaitlin had a wonderful year in school this year and she has learned so much! I don’t think about how much Kaitlin has grown up until I look back and see how tiny she was this fall!


First Day of school Fall 2011


Kaitlin had Bible class and music  every week at school ! She was so blessed with wonderful teachers and we are so thankful for how much she has learned this year! She also got to participate in carpool line at school! Kaitlin would wake goodbye and walk in to school by herself and walk to her little room! It was so neat to see her independence blossom and it was sad to see her getting so big!


When did she get so grown up??


This is what a lot of our day looks like!! It is hard being 3 years old! 3 is hard but is also a lot of fun!

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