Monday, May 14, 2012

Special Day

Yesterday we dedicated Colin at our church! It was a special day for our family and it is a memory we will cherish forever! We were with over a dozen other families and most of them are in our Sunday School class!

Mothers Day 2012 016

Kaitlin went on stage with us and did so great! I was really nervous because she sat with us in church for the first time! I was worried she would be loud and distracting! She was perfect!! We had 7 baptisms before we went on stage and she sat quietly and clapped for each one!

Mothers Day 2012 018

Kaitlin waved at everyone once we got on stage and she was so proud of her brother! Colin did great and was awake and content! Kaitlin started doing shadow puppets and it was all I could do but not laugh out loud! No one could see all the fun she was having but I know I will remember it forever! We are so honored with the responsibility of raising our sweet children and are blessed to have such wonderful parents to look to as role models!

Mothers Day 2012 006

Colin in his first Seersucker!

Mothers Day 2012 001

We wanted him to wear this but I was worried it was too dressy!


Kory made Mother’s Day extra special!! I am so blessed! I even matched my cake! Kaitlin was so excited about mother’s day and she got the celebration with cake and presents! She was very concerned we did not have party hats! She may be a party planner when she grows up with attention to the special details!

Mothers Day 2012 009Mothers Day 2012 015

This week has been really hard with all the Mother’s Day commercials, specials, emails! It was complete saturation all week so I was worried about the actual day! We felt everyone’s prayers and The Lord truly gave us a day filled with joy and I know Mom would have been so proud!

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  1. Bless your heart. I know you miss your mom. Praying for you. I LOVE Colin's Tennessee outfit!!!!!! =) Congrats on the baby dedication. Parenting is quite the responsibility indeed. You're doing a great job!