Friday, August 16, 2013

Cousin Fun

We were so blessed to see Aunt Gina and our cousin's while we were in Knoxville! Kaitlin was beyond thrilled to spend time with these girls!!!!!


Friday Kaitlin saw her 1st movie with the girls and had the best time! These girls are so sweet to Kaitlin and they love each other so much!


We ate at the mall with Didi and our cousins then I took Colin home and Kaitlin stayed with the big girls! We took Kaitlin to the Tennessee store in the mall to buy some orange for football season! She was SOOOO excited and saw a shirt with Smokey on it. She was thrilled to see her favorite dog on a shirt! She was so excited to see all the orange and Tennessee shirts! It was a simple moment but one of sheer delight from Kaitlin! 



IMG_1978.JPG (3)

After the movie the girls did a little shopping!!!


This is the newest addition to our family!!! “Twilight Sparkle Grace”!

IMG_1982.JPG (2)

The girls had so much fun on Friday that they had another date the next day! They got to visit Mamaw!!

IMG_1981.JPG (2)

And then all the girl cousins played at the park! I am so thankful for these sweet girls and love that they are such good friends! Kaitlin asks about her cousins everyday and thinks they are the coolest!

IMG_1985.JPG (2)

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