Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the Teachers

Today was “meet the Teacher day” for both kids!

Kaitlin was ready to go and wanted to stay all day! She was crushed when I told her that school didn’t really start until next week!


She is in the frog class and is so excited about everything!


We found our cubby and coat hook (hopefully we don’t need a coat for a few weeks!)

And she even found a frog with her name on it!


Kaitlin’s teachers made the day so special and had so many fun things to do in the classroom!


Kaitlin working on the craft


Colin had his meet the teacher day as well and I was worried I would be an epic disaster!!! He had a wonderful day and I am so thankful for a chance for him to play and learn!


He loves his new backpack and lunchbox!


He cuddled them and carried them around all morning! I thought he may nap with them he loves them so much!

IMG_9364 - Copy

He is growing up so fast!


So thankful for a great day! We are praying for our teachers and schools!

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