Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tennessee wedding

We were so lucky to attend a family wedding while we were in town! Colin stayed with his first non family babysitter and we took Kaitlin with us! She was so excited and was so thrilled to see the bride walk down the asile. Kaitlin's favorite part of the wedding was "praying"!
Kailtin was also thrilled to be with all her cousins
All the girls so very thankful for them

Kailtin and her cousin

All the kids sat in front of us hard to believe they are all so grown up
My happy girl.... She had wedding food, cupcakes, and ice cream. She is sold on weddings!
Kory and his Dad
Kaitlin danced and danced and danced! She said she danced up a storm! She slept very very well that night.
Kaitlin and her Daddy

We left as they were playing Rocky Top! Like any proper wedding in Tennessee is required to play. It was a special day to be with all of Kory's family. That is a rare occasion and was such a fun day.


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