Monday, July 21, 2014

Tennessee week

We spent the last ten days in Tennessee with all of our family! It was a wild trip and we were so lucky to see all our family!
We started the week at the farmers market and Tupelo Honey! It was such a nice day and we ran into lots of friends on Market Square. It was so fun being back home! The girls went to the cutest book shop for storytime and Princess Anna was the special guest. We also met Spider Man and he was so nice to Kaitlin. Saturday morning was definetly a highlight of the trip!
We ate on the Tennessee river at Calhouns
Kaitlin loved playing with her cousins
We got to see Aunt Ray and she helped me so much this week
She helped with baths almost every night and was just amazing
We got to see Didi in his play and he was amazing. He took us to my fav place in Knoxville, Litton's! It was amazing.
More cousin love
And Litton's was so good we went back for lunch
Twice in 24 hours! It was amazing
Kory traveled during the week and got home on Friday. We had dinner with friends on Friday
It was a wild and crazy week.... But it was home sweet home to me!


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