Friday, April 3, 2015

Frozen Party

Kaitlin knew she wanted a frozen party last year! She had this party planned for at least 10 months!

IMG 9132

We had the party in Tennessee and she loved every second! 

IMG 9103

Helping me with last minute prep 

IMG 9109

Kaitlin and her sweet cousin

IMG 9113

We played pin the nose on Olaf, musical chairs and had a piƱata! It was Kaitlin’s  dream party

IMG 9117

Kaitlin and Olaf

IMG 9083

Kaitlin and Aunt Ray 

IMG 9137

The girls 

IMG 7739

Our sweet friend made this amazing cake. it was beautiful and tasted even better!! She worked so hard on this cake and we are so thankful because Kaitlin loved it! 

IMG 7789

Kaitlin is already planning next years birthday party! She loves a good birthday party!

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