Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter with our little family in Ohio! 

We made it to the early service and Colin made it thru the entire service! Kaitlin sat with us and really like the music! 

Kaitlin loved her Easter dress this year she thought it was extra Eastery with all the bright colors! 
I got a little adventurous this year and we did Easter Brunch! It may be our new Easter tradition! I made pioneer woman cinnamon rolls and homemade buscuits. Kory made omelettes to order, crispy hash browns and we had honey baked ham! A family favorite. It was easy and so much fun! 

It was a very special day! We celebrate Easter and are so thankful for Jesus! 

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  1. Your sweet babies are adorable! LOVE her dress (and those cinnamon rolls;)