Sunday, June 19, 2016

Best Day with Bill and Ray

Rachel and Bill took Kaitlin on her own special day in Knoxville! First stop McClung musesum!
For Dinosaurs!! Kaitlin loved them!!!  
Knoxville musesum of Art was next 
Kaitlin wants to be an artist when she grows up so she was thrilled to be at a real artist hangout!
My mom loved the art museum and volunteered for many years at the museum! They dedicated a special place in her memory so this was really special for Kaitlin to see
Knoxville's most iconic landmark is the sunsphere or as Kaiitlin and I call it the gold ball! You know you have made it to Knoxville when you see it! So they had fun seeing all of Knoxville high above the sky!
They headed to Tomatoe Head for a break 
Their last stop was the Muse 

They had an amazing day! 
So thankful for Rachel and Bill and the amazing day they had with Kailtin!

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