Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Colin's Day of Fun

Colin spent the last day of school doing all his favorite things!! It happened to be National Doughnut Day and that's Colin's favorite food! 

We had a great visit to the zoo!! It was crowded for a Friday but we made the best of things and enjoyed the morning.
The gorillas were very active and fun to interact with behind all marked fences and glass
The new splash park is amazing! Colin had a great time exploring.
Colin loved the aquarium and these turtles are amazing
We headed out at lunchtime to avoid zoo food! We ended up at J lius on the patio! Colin was so amazed with all the cars and traffic driving by tangy he was entertained for an extended lunch! 
Love a day date 
We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and sitting on a patio! It was a great last day of school for us too! 

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