Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun with Gigi & G Daddy

We were blessed to spend 2 weeks at my parents house in Knoxville and I managed to get 3 pictures of my dad and none of Gigi or Aunt Rachel! I am terrible and will make up for it from now on!Kaitlin stayed with mom everyday while I went to my excercise class every morning. Gigi & G Daddy stayed with Kaitlin while  Kory and I went out to eat ALONE! What a treat to not have to feed anyone or eat super fast. It was such a blessing to get some quality time with Kory.   This is the new “game” Kory taught Kaitlin and GDaddy continued to play. Kaitlin would squeal riding the ottoman and then she would try to climb back on it all day. Not a great game (Kory) but Kaitlin had fun! Can’t wait to see you guys soon! We are not playing this at my house ever!IMG_5499

IMG_5500  IMG_5536

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  1. These are the only pictures you took in three weeks in Knoxville?!? Seriously.....