Friday, September 3, 2010

Puppy Fever

It is cold outside right now and I love it. It was 60 degrees this morning for our walk so I had to find some warm clothes for Kaitlin,my walking buddy.  I love new baby clothes so I got to put Kaitlin in her new warm-ups. They are so cute and cozy! We will take the cool weather while it lasts and know that it will be HOT very soon!

IMG_5350 IMG_5348IMG_5359

Kaitlin loves to play hide and seek.. she especially loves the hiding part. She will hide anywhere and even hide in the dark. Kory thought it was very strange and was surprised she was not afraid of the dark. We finally figured out that she closes her eyes when she hides. She thinks it is so fun to be found. I love playing and chasing her around.

IMG_5363 IMG_5362

This is my all time favorite shirt. I laugh every time I see her wearing it. She got to play with the sweetest dog at playgroup yesterday and everything soft and fluffy has been a “dog” ever since. Kaitlin has puppy fever don’t tell Kory!


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