Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

So as we entered the weekend, Kaitlin still had 2 more Halloween parties to attend.  First, we had the neighborhood party.  There were lots of people there but we didn’t last too long.  The best moments, unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of but she followed a kid dressed up as Buzz Lightyear all night.  At one point, she kept getting closer, and closer, and closer … until she almost stole his jet pack!  Her Daddy swooped in to foil her plot.  She was a tricky Cinderella indeed!

IMG_6051IMG_6050  IMG_6055 IMG_6058 

Then on Sunday, we headed downtown for the church’s Fall Festival.  Kaitlin had a great time seeing all her friends, but she had a few moments.  The first came when she drug her Daddy to the “duck pond.”  Kory thought she wanted a duck (her favorite bath time friend), but instead, true to her last time at a real duck pond, she wanted to jump in!  Kory, once again, stopped her but she wasn’t too happy …

IMG_6074 IMG_6072 IMG_6073

Oh well, I’ll have to admit it was a good try.  Next, she got to play in the bounce house. 


Kaitlin loved it!  She squealed the whole time and wanted to get back in the rest of the night.  They literally had to drag her out.  Finally, we got Kaitlin to sit down and take one last picture in her costume. 

  IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6080 

For our little Cinderella, the ball was over for the night.


What a great Halloween weekend!  Can’t wait for next year!

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