Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seating Available

So we’ve had a bit of seating issue in our play room since day 1.  We’ve got a couch and a computer chair in there but the positioning just hasn’t been great for game days.  Gigi & G’Daddy solved that issue.  They brought Kaitlin her very own tailgating chair!

IMG_5660 IMG_5661

Then, to my surprise, Kory brought home a UT bean bag he randomly found at the Associate Store.  He thought he was going to be the one who used it … HA!

IMG_5662 IMG_5669IMG_5663  

She’d sit in her tailgating chair until Kory would take a seat on the bean bag.  Then she’s promptly get up and attempt to push him off.  Kory gave up, and eventually, Kaitlin just took over. 

IMG_5666  IMG_5668     IMG_5673

Guess we know who rules on game day at the Shinlever house!

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