Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Magic Nap outfit

Kaitlin has never been a good sleeper!! EVER!! She was not a good sleeper when she came home from the hospital and it was always a struggle. We would spend hours preparing to put her down and as soon as we laid her down she would wake up. Parenting is not easy!! I would hold her for naps or drive around for hours!! First time parenting mistake! Thankfully Aunt Gina had nap boot camp and we have been taking one nap a day for 6 months now. What a blessing naptime is…thank goodness never knew what I was missing. So naps have been off for at least a week no nap, short nap, falling asleep in the car nap, not a good situation. I was worried we were going to drop our afternoon nap so frantically I called Gina. She was very calm and suggested a few things. Well 2 days in a row we have napped for 3 hours!!! This is the outfit we were wearing yesterday and I washed it last night and it was magic again today. I will wash the outfit every night if it means a 3 hour nap!! Thanks Aunt Gina for the advice and the cutest outfit! It must be magic!!


Working on our ballet moves!!


Everyone is happy after a 3 hour nap!!


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