Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zebra Girl

Kaitlin slept in this morning until almost 7:30!!  We are almost back on our normal schedule and that is an hour later than any day last week. Thanks to such a gloomy, rainy start to the day we woke happy and took some pictures on our way to Bible Study! Notice how patiently she is waiting for her milk. Kory taught her how to close the refrigerator and it is now a highlight of her day. It is the small things that make her SO happy!


They kept asking her in the nursery where her zebra was and she would just grin and point to her tummy! She was so proud of herself! She is now very aware of her clothes and what she is wearing. Could be drama very soon but not now!!


We played hide and go seek after naptime. This is her very favorite game she has played since she was tiny with Gigi and GDaddy. Kaitlin is the best finder. Not so much the best hider yet!She needs to find a better hiding place or she knows I am not a very good finder.


Such a fun day with my zebra girl!

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