Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for Kaitlin! She was sooo excited to get in and see her Ms. Erika one last time! We have been so blessed by her wonderful experience this year. It was such a blessing to see Kaitlin learn and gain some independence.

We had terrible storms last night and Kaitlin was a trooper thru the entire night! We did not have any damage but it was a scary couple hours in our area. We had Kaitlin in our room during the 1st round of tornado active weather and she was so calm and relaxed. We finally put Kaitlin in her room to sleep after we got the “all clear” for the night. About an hour later an area of circulation came out of nowhere and we start hearing tornado sirens. Kory sprints upstairs and we all huddled in our tiny bathroom. I heard loud “pops” and did not know what I was hearing. Kaitlin was not happy to be awake but she never even whined or cried. We are so thankful to be safe and are preparing for more storms tonight and later this week!

Kaitlin slept an hour later after all of last nights excitement but she was ready for school!


We are both very sad about the year ending but are excited for a wonderful summer!


Hard to believe this was Kaitlin at the beginning of the year. They really grow up TOO fast!


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