Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sisters and songwriters

We were driving back home to NWA and met up with Aunt Rachel at her favorite breakfast spot, Bread & Company! It was such a fun visit with lots of catching up with the recent graduate.  My sister just got her masters degree in counseling and has been working so hard. I am so proud of her!


Rachel always sees the most fabulous famous people in Nashville and this visit was no exception! We were right next to Brandon Heath, an amazing Christian singer. He looked so normal and even used his real name for his order. It was “So Nashville” to be so close to a real star and it made breakfast even more fun.


Rachel and Kaitlin are the cutest pair. Kaitlin was so great at breakfast and was so excited to see Rachel


A documented hug!


We love you Aunt Rachel!! Thanks for such a fun breakfast!

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  1. A documented hug?! haha clearly she is pushing me away. She loves Aunt Rachel