Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunglasses and Storms

This is a family blog but you would think it is a  crazy weather blog with all of our adventures recently! They had been predicting  DEVASTATING storms for our area on Tuesday since last weekend. I was on high alert and crazy about our preparation for Tuesday storm outbreak. Since the storms were coming again at night we kept Kaitlin in our room and set the pack n play up so she would be easy to grab and duck if it got that bad! I literally watched the weather channel all day and made myself crazy. We were spared once again but a small town to our south was destroyed by a mile wide tornado! 


Kaitlin had so much fun at our “sleepover”! She was so happy and laughed all night! We finally put her to bed in our room at ten and she was still wide awake. Kaitlin would stand up and then dive down and pretended to be asleep! Kory put her back in her room after two o clock and we were all very tired today!


My storm buddies!



Keeping her most valuable items close…She wanted to be prepared in the storm!!

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  1. I'm beyond ready for tornado season to be over. We're expecting strong thunderstorms with hail today in Maryville. =( Stinks, but this too shall pass. Glad you survived another storm day/night. I've never really gotten worked up about storms that much, but now that I'm a parent it seems that I want to be prepared now more so than before.

    We have slumber parties in our bedroom every other night...even when there are no chances of storms. Our son LOVES