Monday, September 17, 2012

Beach trip

We spent the last 10 days on vacation and it was such a wonderful time for our little family! It has been a wild year and we needed some time to relax and just be together. We split the drive into two days and spent the night in North Carolina!

Kaitlin had looked forward to this trip and was so excited! We got to the hotel late and they had hot cookies waiting on us! Kaitlin was so happy. She had never slept in a hotel bed before and she did great! Except she is the loudest sleeper!

We made it to the beach the next day and it was beautiful!

She was so ready to get on the beach!

We always eat at Duffy's seafood shack the first night! It is casual and always good seafood! We had a great meal and a great start to vacation.


We realized that the only consistent area in our life has been Myrtle beach in the last few years! With all our crazy moving it has been nice to vacation at the same place!


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