Friday, September 28, 2012

Wild week

It is already COLD in Ohio! We are shocked at the weather in September and are a little worried that it gets colder in the coming months! Yikes! We bundled up everyone on Sunday and went to the park. It was so cold and the shortest park visit in history!


Colin woke up screaming on Monday night and would not sleep poor kid! He is so happy so I knew something was wrong! He just seemed off.... No fever, no other symptoms!

Tuesday at the Dr we discovered he had his 1st ear infection!

Tuesday night no one slept because both kids were up all night! Hoping everyone is feeling better soon!

Wednesday was my 31st birthday that was spent at the Dr with Kaitlin!

We missed the flower delivery on Wednesday but Kory's flowers showed up on Thursday and they are beautiful! Poor Kory had grand plans for my birthday and with no sleep and 2 sick kids he had to keep changing his plans! We got Carabas to go and tiramisu! It was the perfect way to end a crazy day!

We are ready for the weekend and hopefully some more sleep! It has been a wild week!




  1. Ahh! I'm dreading the 1st ear infection! The weather here in Texas is back and forth cold then hot! I hardly take my little out for fear of ear infections:(

  2. Unfortunately, it does get a lot colder. :( And the gray winter will drag until mid-April. BUT BUT BUT, the first winter is the worst (in my experience). After that, your expectations adjust and it doesn't seem like quite a shock. You'll find yourself turning down a coat at temperatures you used to think would give you frostbite. ;) I've been thinking of you and hoping it's a milder winter like last year to help you get acclimated. :)