Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have You Met Rachel?

My friend Kelly is doing a spotlight this week on singles and I knew I needed to introduce my sister, Rachel, to the world! She is gonna kill me but I figure it is better to ask for forgiveness later!

Rachel is 27 and lives in Knoxville, TN. She is the best sister and aunt ever! Rachel is the most faithful and fun person you will ever meet! She has the best smile and tells the best stories.

Rachel loves Jesus and is so passionate about her faith! She has volunteered with Young Life and is an amazing leader!

She loves Tennessee football and, like a true girl raised in the south, she knows her football. She is so fun to go to games with and is very competitive in her fantasy football league!

Rachel is a counselor in the school system and she is amazing at her job! She has helped so many kids in her job and she loves what she does. Rachel is an awesome friend, loves birthdays, and knows how to pick out the perfect card for anyone!

I know God has big things in store for Rachel! So if you have an amazing friend, brother, or son that needs to meet Rachel, let me know! Leave me a comment or email me at

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