Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful day

We had the best day yesterday in Ohio! It was almost hot and it was wonderful! It was 80 degrees and beautiful! We met our friends at the park and enjoyed the beautiful day! We spent 3 hours outside and it was so much fun! The park had a little farm area and Kaitlin loved pretending to feed all the animals and running around in the barn!

We were so hungry after all that playing we grabbed some lunch at Chickfila! Sweet girls enjoying a fun day!

We have been playing "Doctor" more often these days with the influence of the Disney show Doc Mcstuffins! Kaitlin was making sure the iPad was feeling ok!

Also giving Baby Colin a supervised checkup
Colin even got to play cars with everyone... He was thrilled to be included


We are enjoying our warm weather again today and soaking up every once of outside before we hibernate until May! The radio guy said today was going to be the best day for 6 months! Good news is they are only predicting snow two days next week!


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  1. i stubbled upon your blog.. where at in ohio. i am from ohio too! :))