Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin patch weekend

Our amazing weather is a distant memory and we had a cold and rainy weekend! We supported our Vols this weekend and the game did not go their way again! Colin and his orange pants were super cute!
He requested to support the World Series after the game ... No idea who is playing?
Peek a boo Colin!
Sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch
Kaitlin was sooo excited to go pick a pumpkin and then it started raining... Poor girl, it was freezing cold and just not a great day to be outside! This picture pretty much sums up the visit!
Baby Colin went too and slept the entire time we were there!
A sweet smile for my cold little girl!
Kaitlin got to pick a pumpkin and they had amazing homemade doughnuts! It has to be a record for the shortest visit to a pumpkin patch! Next year we will go on a warmer weekend for some pumpkin fun!


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