Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Orange Weekend

We were on the road again this weekend! We made the trip to Knoxville to cheer on the Vols! We had such a great time spending time with all of our family and I got to go to the game!

We went to favorite resturaunt Liton's with Ray and Dusi and had the best time! We played later and had an epic game of hide and seek! It was so much fun just spending time with them!

My boys in their lucky orange pants!

We made it to campus late but still gt to visit at a few tailgates!
Best place to see a football game!
We had a great time at the game despite the games outcome!

I love going to games with these two!

We were sad the Vols lost but we had a wonderful weekend.



  1. We watched....we knew it would be a tough one. It was hard to watch.
    =( Love the orange & white attire! =) I've been wanting to try Liton's. =) Adorable pics!

  2. Littons is amazing!!! They have the best burgers and best desserts!! I only get to eat there once a year but it is so good!!

  3. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and I LOVE that you are a VOL!!! (and not a Razorback-ha!) I am a Vol too! I love your pics of the game! I haven't made it to Knoxville for a game yet this year. We went to the Miss St game and that was not a fun outcome either! I enjoy reading your blog! Go Vols!!!!


  4. I just found your blog through Kelly's Corner. I grew up in Knoxville & live outside of Columbus Ohio now. What a small world! I am a VOL fan as well! We have family there so visit a few times of year. Littons, Louis & Aubreys are some of our favorite restaurants! :)