Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Wolf and School pictures

Kaitlin is very excited about all our Christmas decorations! We play "I spy" everyday with Christmas ornaments on the tree and we have been talking about the different nativity people and animals. She was admiring our stockings and was trying to understand why the Christmas Wolves were on our stockings! It was so so funny... They are reindeer but she was so confused how wolves fit in the whole Christmas story!

This does kind of look like a wolf!

Kaitlin and Colin have not been very excited to take pictures recently but that hasn't stopped me from trying!

Colin was even showing off doing a one handed crawl to get away from me! He is getting super speedy at crawling these days.

This is Kaitlin's school picture... I took a picture of a picture! I think the snowball is so funny! I laugh every time I look at it and know how much work it took to get her looking at the camera.

Here is a happy happy brother! He does smile in pictures sometimes!



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