Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warm weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! It has been warm all weekend ( in the upper 60's ) and we have enjoyed every second! I think I could handle it up north if it was like this all year! No bundling up or coats were needed this weekend and it was a nice break from the cold!
We went out for ice cream on Friday.... You can tell ice cream is her love language!
We have had a wild and crazy fall so it was so nice to spend time at home with no big plans!
My two loves in coordinating outfits
Check out that smile
After church today we went to the outdoor mall to soak up the 70 degree day! It was so much fun just being together doing a little shopping and looking at the beautiful Christmas tree! How cool is this tree in the water!
It was such a great weekend of fun in the sun!

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