Monday, November 5, 2012

November chill

We had a chilly chilly weekend but we got to wear all our cute winter gear! We will definitely get to experience four season in Ohio! I think the next months will be classified as cold and colder!
Kaitlin wanted nothing to do with her new boots but I mentioned that Aunt Ray wore boots and she could not get them on quick enough!
Very thankful for this.... Takes the cold away in the early morning and late at night!
We went out running errands and they were too cute to not get a picture together!

Kaitlin will have nothing to do with a hat but I am training Colin early that he needs a hat for practical sake and it seems to be working! Kinda like bow training with Kaitlin!
He looks like such a big boy in his flannel shirt!
Kaitlin and Colin play together a little now and Colin adores her! He wants to play with her and her toys!
Sometimes she wants nothing to do with him
And sometimes she loves to play with him... Especially if she is stalling nap time!
Being a baby is exhausting!

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