Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last week of Preschool

Kaitlin had her last week of preschool this week! She had such an amazing year and we are so thankful for such a wonderful school and loving teachers! 

This is a first day and last day of school comparison! Amazing at how much she has grown!

IMG 3622

Who is excited about Kindergarden???? This girl is beyond excited!!! She is sad she has to wait all summer!

IMG 3606

I can’t get over g how much she has grown from the beginning of the year until the end of school!! 

IMG 3623

They had her class party of Thursday! She was in the Frog class and picked out a frog dress for the frog party! She was so excited 

IMG 3619


IMG 3617

This is Kaitlin on her very first day of Mothers Day Out when she was 18 months old!! Cant believe how fast time has flown!!! 

IMG 2394

So thankful for Kaitlin’s amazing teachers!!!! They have been such a blessing to our family!!!! 

IMG 3632

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