Friday, May 30, 2014

Class of 2027

Kaitlin had graduation and it was a really special day! Kailtin was really excited about the day but really nervous. I took her to school and we may have changed the songs from Frozen to graduation songs. Her nerves were long gone and we laughed and laughed! Cornonation Day song turn ended into graduation Day .... It will always be something I remember!
Look at that smile
I am not sure why she questioned the authenticity of her diploma but we were laughing so hard!
We love these two amazing teachers and are so thankful for them!
Didi went early and saved us all seats! It took a village to make graduation day happen and I was so thankful for all the help I had to pull off the day!
They presented Kailtin's class as the future graduates of 2027! I was holding it together fine and enjoying the day until that moment. There were a few tears! And I realize that 2027 will be here way too soon.
Didi and Kaitlin
Aunt Ray and Kaitlin
So thankful for such a wonderful year
Kaitlin designed her own cake and was so proud at how it turned out.
We celebrated with a dinner out with the graduate
Watch out Kindgergarden here we come

Kaitlin smiled all weekend ! She had the best time and we are so thankful for Didi and Aunt Ray coming to help celebrate!


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