Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Murrells Inlet and Pirates

We had amazing weather on Day two! It was warm and breezy! We played in the ocean and it was COLD but the kids didn't seem to care. Colin played in his hole and loved every second of the beach! He fell asleep and took an hour nap on the beach. Got up and played some more. He is a beach baby for sure.
Kaitlin was so excited!
We made the long drive to Murrells inlet and ate at the pirate resutaraunt. It is a small place but they have the best hush puppies ever! And amazing shrimp and scallops.
This is pirate Kaitlin with her eye patch!
This was her favorite night all week
The resturant is right on the marsh and we had an amazing view
Double trouble
A very rare picture of the four of us
Colin looooved the pretend huge fish

Another great day at the beach


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  1. We have never been to the Inlet but I say every visit we are going to go. Now knowing there is a pirate place, that makes us need to go even more!