Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun On The Town

We’ve had some fun on Bentonville’s downtown square over the past few days. Friday we went to First Friday’s, an event once a month on the downtown square. It was themed the Dog Days of Summer, and they had a doggie fashion show. Kaitlin was amazed at all the dogs and she waved and clapped as each one walked by! It was not a glam pageant but the dogs did wear their best bikinis, and it was so funny to see all the down in their finest beach wear!  We are amazed at how Bentonville really has a small town feel but has so much here to do and see! I think half our Sunday School class was there so it was fun to run into people we knew on the square.  It really made it feel like home!

Below is a picture of Kaitlin at First Friday with her Daddy posing in front of her LEAST favorite attraction – the bounce house.  Kory tried to take Kaitlin over to play in it but before he could take about 2-3 steps she shouted the loudest, most clear “NO, NOOOO!” I’ve ever heard from her!IMG_5174

Today, we met Kory for a lunch date at the Station Cafe on the Square.It’s evidently the place to be for lunch around here.  Everybody & their brother was there.  If you arrive after 11:30, you have to wait in a line out the door and good luck finding a table! We had tried to eat there several times before with no luck but today we were early and had a great lunch!


An older gentleman who runs the place kept coming over and talking to Kaitlin (wish I had pictures, he was SO nice!). She loved it and watched him makes the rounds in the restaurant and just grinned when he came back around to talk to her!  She waved bye bye every time he left to attend to another table. She made a new friend, and we can’t wait to go back!

It was only 103 degrees but there was some breeze and shade near the fountain so we let Kaitlin run and explore. 

IMG00155-20100812-1154 IMG00154-20100812-1154-2

She had so much fun smelling the flowers and watching the fountain.  She got to run aroundIMG00157-20100812-1156

She was a little bit too interested in the dirt/mulch at times for her mama’s comfort! IMG00158-20100812-1156

By the time we got home, Kaitlin was ready to relax.  She propped up in her easy chair, watched a little bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & got ready for a good afternoon nap!


Our adventure didn’t last too long because of the heat and we had to get Kory back to work. It was so simple but such a fun date. We never got to visit with Kory in Virginia so it is still a sweet treat to grab him for lunch every so often. Just another reason we love NWA!

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  1. Hi there, blog hopping and wanted to say welcome to NWA. I live in Bville and love the Square too! Your little girl is precious!!