Monday, August 16, 2010

Open House

We went to Kaitlin’s Open House tonight for Mothers Day Out.  She is only going one day a week but it already feels like our little girl is going off to college!!!  Here’s Kaitlin preparing for the big night …


IMG_5274 Personally, her momma has never had so much fun with back to school shopping.  I just loved this backpack & nap blanket from Pottery Barn Kids so much that I had to get it for Kaitlin!  It even came with a matching lunch box!


She was having SO much fun with her new backpack!  She hardly knew what to do when we gave it to her!  BEST 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_5275 IMG_5278IMG_5276

And then … the moment hit her like a ton of bricks … I’M GOING WHERE????  And … you’re NOT GOING TO BE THERE WITH ME????


Well, we went anyway but convinced her everything would be okay.  Kory & I promised Kaitlin if she was good we would take her to Chick Fila for dinner, her favorite place to eat in the whole, wide world.  In the end, she arrived & noticed that MDO looked a lot like Sunday School at church so she started out on a whiny note.  However, after a few minutes, she adjusted well and had a great time.  In fact, she was running around so much I didn’t really have time to take pictures because she wouldn’t sit still.  Here’s one below of Kaitlin trying out her new chair at the lunch table.

IMG_5287  She’s already deemed that this indeed where the cool kids will sit.


  1. Found your blog thru Kelly's Korner. Your daughter is so cute! My son went to MDO for the first time last year and though it was an adjustment at first, he ended up loving it! I just know Kaitlin will too!

  2. I AM IN LOVE!! She is going to rock it at MDO.