Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who is that pretty little girl in red?

It was “supposed” to be cooler this week and it did not really feel all that like the temperature dropped AT ALL.  Kaitlin still BEGGED to go outside and would eagerly attempt to put her shoes on to expedite the process.  Bless her heart, she was so hot all week!

This week was rush at UT and it is always a million degrees every year. You are just so hot all the time … and sweaty… kinda like Kaitlin was all week! Today is Bid Day and one of the most exciting days in college for freshmen girls. I said to 2 random strangers 11 years ago “ We are gonna be sisters forever!!” I am sure they were like who is this crazy girl and why did we get stuck with her??  But, they both turned out to be 2 of my best friends in college, bridesmaids in my wedding, and are still the definition of a true friend today!

Happy Bid Day AOPi girls!  Here is a pretty little girl in red (couldn’t help myself) that will be going through rush in 17 years (even thought there is no pressure and she can be a cutie hootie if she wants - GIGI!) 


Teething much?  Just too funny …



Because AOPi’s MUST have a bow in their hair …


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  1. OK, you're just as excited about getting the school supplies for MDO as I am! I got the Pottery Barn red monkey lunch box and I have my Mabel's Labels on everything for John Michael! I stopped short at getting the matching monkey nap map, but I wanted it badly! I hope she does well tomorrow and that you do too. And, coming from an Alpha Gamma Delta girl, I loved AOPi at UA as well! I liked the red and the panda!