Friday, August 27, 2010

The Many Faces of a Strong-Willed Child

Kaitlin is a strong-willed child and is very persistent.  She absolutely, positively, without a doubt MUST have “Brownie” the dog at her side EVERY morning.  They’re BFF’s until about 9:00 a.m., then Kaitlin trades him for the breakfast table!


If she wants to do something – she’s going to keep trying until its done – or throw a fit, whichever comes first.  Below, she tries to slam all her animals in the stroller. Here, she already has 4 animals in the stroller and was working on getting 2 more on top. She finally succeeded 20 minutes later!  Note:  She has Minnie Mouse between her legs so she was next!


One day last week, we actually woke her up from her nap – a first. Needless to say, she was a little grumpy … but you’ve got love those “Bama Bangs”!!!!


When I grew up, kids had “pig tails.”  Ironically, we live in Hog country here in Northwest Arkansas, but everyone out here calls this style “Dog Ears.”  Only fitting since Kaitlin’s favorite college mascot is Smokey, the blue tick coon hound from Tennessee!!!    


She has started to love playing dress up and loves to twirl in her tutu! Kaitlin can turn anything into a bracelet or a purse. Kory knows he is in trouble with this girl!

IMG_5140 IMG_5141

We are amazed at how much she is learning and changing everyday and how her BIG personality shines in every situation.


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