Monday, February 7, 2011

Allergic to snow

Kaitlin is on the mend but we were stuck inside for the entire week! We got creative playing cowgirls and interior designer! I am out of ideas for a bored almost 2 year old! We are playing outside everyday this spring to make up for all our time indoors.

Kaitlin rearranging the pillows …


Moving her chair in the best place …


Cuddling with all her friends …


Cowgirl Kaitlin …


They were calling for a dusting on Friday …. well we ended up with at least  4 more inches of snow! We were SO not going anywhere for another day.  It finally warmed up on Saturday for Kaitlin to play outside with Kory. Kaitlin had fun playing snow soccer and ran around in the snow for about 7 minutes. I think Kory was hoping to play a little longer!



Sunday ALL all 3 of us felt under the weather so we had to miss our Sunday School Super bowl party. We had a party for 3 sick Shinlevers! Kory got us soup and we snuggled on the couch watching the game. We must be allergic to snow!


Kaitlin got bored of the game and was catching up reading Southern Living. I am so proud!


They are ONLY calling for  4-10 inches on Wednesday so we are hoping that is the last we see of snow for the season!

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