Monday, February 21, 2011

Dog Gone Cute

After ALL the snow the first 2 weeks in February we have had a wonderful warm week. It was in the 70’s this weekend so we played outside a lot. We went on a few family walks and enjoyed grilling out. This week has made me love February in Arkansas. Colder weather is on the way today but we have enjoyed every second of the warmth!

Getting  3 people ready for church and out the door on time is always a struggle!  So getting a picture of Kaitlin BEFORE church just doesn’t fit in the schedule. She looks so cute that I attempted to take a few after church.

Here is Kaitlin after church and before her nap! She slept almost 4 hours yesterday. They must keep them quite busy in Sunday School!


She looks so sleepy! But still so cute!


Kaitlin after her LONG nap! Ready to play


She had a snack and was a happy girl!


Kaitlin still loves to find new things to sit on! She has a perfectly good chair but prefers alternative seating!


We’re ready for Spring!


  1. So adorable! She's really starting to look like a little girl! :(
    Goes by too fast! I Love her blue and brown dress she had on Sunday! Just darling!

  2. She is PRECIOUS! I have two boys (2 and 6), and they are my life's joy.

    I'm a TN girl too!!!!! So, I had to come by and say hello!

    So nice to "meet" you today!
    Melanie :)