Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

This was groundhog day last year ... Snow on the ground …


AGAIN I feel we are in the movie “ Groundhog Day” for the second year! This is the scene outside our house today.


We will not be going anywhere anytime soon. NWA got around 8 inches of snow on top of a layer of ice and sleet. Not good!

Kory was scheduled to leave Tuesday AM but his flight never made it out. I was a little worried about being alone , in a snowstorm ,with a very sick Kaitlin. It would not have been a good situation and I am so thankful to have him home with us!


Here is the forecast for the rest of the week. I know you are jealous! This is actual temperature not wind-chill! They are calling for more snow on Monday/ Tuesday. All this snow reminds me of our snowy winter in Virginia last year…  Guess it feels like Groundhog Day!

7 day

Kaitlin has a double ear infection which is no fun.Poor girl’s fever is finally gone so we have done some extra snuggling!


The more animals the better


Kaitlin is confused she thought we moved back to the south!


We are sick of snow!


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  1. We want the snow to leave too!!! Hope Kailtin is better soon. Sick babies are no fun