Thursday, February 10, 2011

Living in a Winter Wonderland

Kory and I both grew up in Tennessee and survived the “Blizzard of 93”! We had very found memories of being snowed in for a week with  12 inches of snow on the ground in Knoxville. We didn’t LOVE snow but it wasn’t until this past year that  we started to think that  snow was a very bad word! I am thinking about renaming the blog “Snowstorms and Sippy Cups!”

This is 20 plus inches of snow from last Christmas when we lived Virginia…. we had never seen that much snow EVER!!! It was amazing


Then again in February 2010 in Virginia  20 inches of snow!!!



So we moved to Arkansas with 20 inches of snow in our yard. We were tired from the 72 inches of of snow we saw that winter.  Kory even gave our snow shovel away saying “ we won’t have to worry about snow out here!” HA!

The forecast called for 3-6 inches of snow on Wednesday and we got 20 inches! The most snow Northwest Arkansas has ever seen!


We were featured on the Today Show because of ALL the snow!


So for the 3rd time in 13 months Kory has shoveled 20 inches of snow off our driveway! It is a crazy amount of snow and it is even crazier that we are almost use to 2 feet of snow.


This is what Kaitlin thinks when they forecast snow!!


We have had lots of fun but we have CABIN FEVER! Almost 2 weeks stuck at home is tough on anyone!


Kaitlin is so excited they are calling for a warm up this weekend. That is something to smile about!

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  1. I will admit I was a bit jealous about "all" the snow you guys got. I've never seen that much snow in all my life. The most was probably 12 inches when we lived in the Midwest. Tennessee would FREAK out if 20 inches of snow was EVER forcasted. I would enjoy it for a day or two, and after that I think I would move to Florida. Ha! Hope you guys get out and about this weekend!